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Leed Resources plc

Leed Resources is an investing company, focused on opportunities in the natural resources sector, including mining, oil and gas and building materials.

It currently has one investment:

Battalion International Limited

Battalion International Limited ("Battalion"). Battalion is a BVI company which is the controlling shareholder of High Mannor Pty. Limited ("HM") which trades under the brand name of "Cultural Limestone". HM is an integrated limestone quarrying business which extracts limestone from a quarry just north of Perth in Western Australia. The limestone is then crushed and processed into reconstituted limestone blocks which are used in the construction industry. Leed holds a secured convertible Loan Note in Battalion. The note is convertible into equity which if converted would result in Leed holding up to 18.4% of Battalion, equating to an equity interest of 14% of HM.









Leed Resources plc is a public limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales under company number 06034226 and its main country of operation is the United Kingdom.